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Horrible Truth of Engineering !

Recently AICTE has published a report about technical Education in India and the reports are just horrible !

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is the statutory body and a national-level council for technical education, under Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development which is apex body for technical education in India.

The report published by AICTE is a tight slap on the face of Engineering Colleges which have grown as mushrooms everywhere ! According to AICTE report less than 50% of Engineer Graduates are not able to get jobs in their relevant industries.

AICTE has also given some strong reasons behind such a poor performance of Private colleges


• Alleged corruption
• A vicious circle of poor infrastructure, labs and faculty
• Non-existent linkages with industry
• The absence of a technical ecosystem that can nurture the classroom

Reasons given above are accountable to destroy Engineering Graduate’s lives

IIT-Kanpur chairman and chief of Maruti Suzuki, R C Bhargava explained the reason behind vacant engineering seats. According to him, it is because the institutes impart very poor quality education. “Most of the graduates don’t know the basics of engineering. The reason these vacancies keep increasing is because graduates can’t find jobs. That’s because employers don’t think they are worth employing. Most people will tell you that 80 per cent of engineering graduates are not employable,” Bhargava was quoted as saying.

Source:The Hindu

What is the reason behind ?
After the invention of Internet During 1990’s there was huge requirement of IT engineers who can do coding and produce Scalable and profitable Softwares and Government Institutes were not enough to Complete the supply demand of the Industry regarding Engineers hence Private sector played it’s role by opening new Institutes,Colleges and Training organizations, by this way Private sectors also got huge profit and Engineers at that time secured good jobs and this phenomenon changed the Perspective of the society regarding making career in Engineering.

By the social change done by the Invention of Internet, Engineering Played it’s role in changing the mindset of Citizens of the Society and more and more people were started to take admissions in the Engineering. As we say , “Extreme is always harmful” this proverb also proved itself because the private industry which helped to strengthen the Engineering/Technical Education sector in the past started to Exploit the people who were interested in Engineering and only motto of Industrialists was to make profit rather than giving Quality Education and this Report of AICTE also supports the view.


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