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Applying online courses will soon require Aadhaar as well

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Moreover, only courses that are offered through the regular mode of teaching class will be allowed to be offered as online courses. There must also be a teaching assistant if the number of students in a course crosses the 500 mark, which is apart from a full-time director, registrar, registrar assistant and other academic staff.

By making the process technology-intensive, from content development using graphics, animation and webinars to e-learning modules and virtual classroom virtual sessions, even the evaluation and evaluation process will require that HEIs have a robust computerized test system for online examinations with features such as integration with Aadhaar for student authentication, screen and webcam recording for live surveillance.

A student will get an additional three years to complete the program’s actual duration of the formal mode of education. So for a three-year course, a student will be six years old.

Institutions that intend to offer online programs will have to go through two stages of approval. The first stage will comprise the audit evaluation for academic compliance of infrastructure. A committee of experts will examine the “suitability of the courses to be offered”, as well as the target groups and the implementation mechanism, the curricular aspects and the effectiveness of the evaluation criteria.

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