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Degradable waste : New Way Of Disposal

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Previously Bao created a stretchable electrode modeled on human skin. The material could bend and twist in a way that would allow it to interface with the human skin or brain, but it was not degradable.

The Combination of the degradable polymer and the substrate makes the device useful in a large amount in different streams like from wearable electronic devices to large-scale environmental surveys.

According to Zhenan, “We envision these soft patches that can measure blood pressure, glucose, sweat content, then download the data.”

These devices have the potential to go far beyond collecting heart disease and glucose data. These components can be used to survey large areas in remote locations.

According to Lei, “The number of electronic devices increase, biodegradability will become more important. Currently, we have computers and cell phones and we generate millions and billions of cell phones, and it’s hard to decompose. He hopes to develop some materials that can be decomposed so there is less waste.”

This degradable technology will be ideal for storing confidential digital information that could be easily and quickly be destroyed and kept in private. It can be used for biological sensors, implantable medical devices, and even prosthetic skins.

These devices had been tested in proximity to heart cells from mice, and they didn’t die. However, the device is still not safe for us humans, so the application of these devices may be awhile away.

So, Now if the technique is implemented we will be able to degrade our electric waste too.

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