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Degradable waste : New Way Of Disposal

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What is the SOLUTION?????

Troubled by this accumulating waste, “Zhenan Bao” an engineer at Stanford University and her team came up with the solution of biodegradable electronic devices.

“The team and I are trying to mimic the function of human skin such as stretchable, self-healing and biodegradable to develop future electronic devices. We have achieved the first two properties that are flexible and self-healing, so we are now left with biodegradability to tackle,” says Zhenan Bao.

The researchers created a flexible electronic device which degrades easily if we pour a weak acid like vinegar on it.

“This is the first example of a degradable semiconducting polymer, “ said  Ting Lei, a postdoctoral fellow working with Zhenan Bao.

The team developed a degradable electronic circuit and a new biodegradable substrate material for mounting the electrical circuit.

The substrate supports the electrical components, flexing, and molding to rough and smooth surfaces alike. The whole device can biodegrade into nontoxic components when it is no longer required.

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