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13 May 2017 Starting of World War 3 or Another Blunder like 31 Dec 2012

If we do some studies about Nuclear WarHead which are globally available then we’ll come to know that it is near about impossible for North Korea to attack US because this will act as Back Fire for them and maybe Huge attack by US will lead to Serious Damage to North Korea.

Recently North Korea’s missile Test which failed just after the initiation so this was Huge Disappointment for North Korea . Even North Korea doesn’t hold More resources to sustain into the war.

In one statement US President Donald Trump Said “We’d Love to solve conflicts Diplomatically”. This was Another Symptom which clarifies that this will not lead to War because if we observe North Korea , This country behaves like a rude guy in a class who doesn’t make any Friends and this results in increase in aggression and jealousy towards the most popular Guy in the class. This is just like that !

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