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Modern data storage : What is cloud computing ?

Need more storage, Just use the cloud for storage. Yes !!! most of us now choose “cloud “ as the best storage option for saving our data, if you are running out of space.

From floppy disks to CDs to USB flash drives, file saving and sharing have undergone a significant evolution over the past decades. The devices to share files are becoming smaller and have higher capacities, increasingly destined to serve in a fast lifestyle.

Today you no longer need to save all your documents on one particular device. Instead, you can access your files from any terminal at any time, thanks to “cloud computing.                                                                        



Why was it termed as cloud storage? :

As a virtual space that connects users from all over the globe, the Internet is like a cloud, sharing information by way of satellite networks. So virtually, we are accessing the data from a cloud itself.

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