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Most young Indian employees aspire to be entrepreneurs: Godaddy Survey

After completion of Professional Courses like Engineering or other fields people get their jobs in this competitive environment but after some time because of doing professional courses Habitual Mindset leads to creation of some thing new , something of their own name .

So, The ‘Future of Work’ survey was conducted globally by GoDaddy to get insight on entrepreneurial intent, attitudes and outlook when considering starting or running a small business.

Source : ambamalicanada

Out of 1,200 respondents in India for this survey

60 percent of people said they are willing to start their own startup in next some years but this percentage is way more higher than countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Singapore, the United States and United Kingdom.

80 percent of aspiring Entrepreneurs said they’re prepared for failures in startup and they’re relentless in the pursuit of entrepreneurial success.

“The emerging and newer generation of India’s entrepreneurs are embracing technology like never before. 67 per cent of budding entrepreneurs say that recent technologies have created newer business opportunities and 72 per cent of respondents believe that online channels are important to be attractive to their customers,” said Andrew Low Ah Kee, Executive Vice President, GoDaddy International.

Source : CollegeDekho

70 percent of respondents said they were either working or employed while starting their own business even some of them were there in their College.

45 percent of people out of 1200 said work experience is needed before starting any company or business while 12 percent of people thing that professional courses is enough for them for doing startup (so Less na ?).

and 79 percent of surveyors said that technology made it easy for them to do business of their own

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