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Memristor: A Electronic Revolutionary New Component

What is A Memristor??

It is an electrical component that remembers how much charge has passed through it. It also Limits OR Regulates the flow of current in a circuit.

A Physicist named Leon Chua Proposed this concept in 1971. Even though it was proposed in 70’s still it took 37 years to build an actual memristor. It was first built by HP(Hewlett Packard) in 2008. This circuit is Proposed to be used in modern computers. It is possibly a replacement for Dynamic Random Access Memory(D-RAM) and Hard Drives.



Unlike D-Ram, memristor is non-volatile. It would help the computers to regain the same state as it was before shutdown i.e.Every document open on the screen will be regained instantly on the screen when the CPU restarts. PC’s consisting of memristors would not require the slow, energy consuming process of “boot-up”,it would be using less power and provide great reliability.

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