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This section will include semester 6 of your branch. Again let me introduce you to these subjects  in an abstract way.

“Software Engineering” which is purely theoretical and  and a scoring subject. In this you will cover the nature of software and software projects, software development models, software process maturity, project planning, management, and estimations. Students are required to study and practice methods for analysis, design, testing, and implementation of large, complex software systems.




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Next is “Distributed Systems”  which is again therotical and scoring too, In this provide solid foundation in the concepts of distributed systems along with its design and implementation. Synchronization, Message Passing, Remote Communication, Consistency Management and Application development using different Distributed Technologies form part of core concepts to be studied under this course. Next is “System And Web Security” which is Identify and mitigate software security vulnerabilities in existing systems. Understand the role of firewalls, IPSec, Virtual Private Networks and identity management, Understand Web Server vulnerabilities and their counter measures, Overall theoretical subject . coming to next “Data Mining and Business Intelligence” which is tough subject in this semester , which will cover concept of data Mining as an important tool for enterprise data management and as a cutting edge technology for building competitive advantag . Lots of numerical and theory, so goint to have work hard for this . And coming to the last subject “Advanced Internet Technology” which is very interesting subject in this semester,  In which we learn  SEO Objective and develop SEO plan prior to Site Development, HTML 5, CSS3 and Responsive Web Design, Learning the characteristic of RIA – Web Mashup Eco System…which is  much interesting and easy.


Advanced Internet Technology

Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Distributed Systems

Software Engineering

System and Web Security


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