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Hello again, hope our previous study material were quite useful for you. As you are looking for semester-3  that probably means that you have cleared your first year. And if not then all the best for your backlogs, clear them as soon as possible.

In semester-3 , for computer branch this section includes all the subject related to your branch that you have chosen.Try to focus more on AM-3 and DLDA as they are pretty much tough especially focus on OOPM(Java) as developer point of view because this will be used in future for Interview Questions. Make sure that you learn the subject rather than mug-up and all.Because practicals can only be done if you have theoritical knowledge.Hope our study material will be useful and simple for you.

All the best

Applied Maths-3

Data Strucutres

Digital Logic Design and Analysis

Discrete Structures

Electronic Circuits and Communication Fundamentals

Object Oriented Pogramming Methodology

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